Na'at Training With Ismail Hussain

Brothers Only - Ages 8+ 5 seats now available.


9th March 2019
From 12pm


Victor St Masjid

The ‘Na'at Training Course’ is a unique educational programme that has been developed in conjunction with the world famous nasheed artist, Sidi Ismail Hussain Shadhili, and YQNC.

Through na'ats - poetry in praise of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ - cognitive learning, social skill development, and a fun and friendly learning environment, students will build their self-confidence and self-esteem, as they increase their love and understanding of Allah and His Prophet ﷺ by the virtue of uplifting devotional poetry.

This course is perfect for all levels of students, with no previous experience needed. Aspiring singers will be acquainted with the basic elements of na'at khawani, with a clear and concise roadmap to more advance studies.

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Rahman Institute, 41 Brantwood Drive, Bradford, BD9 6PY


Where does my course fee go?

We believe that by supporting any noble goal or initiative, our reward first and foremost is with Allah. Moreover, the blessings of supporting one another and working collectively for the Sake of Allah are immeasurable.

Essential Islam is truly grateful for the support each one of you has given and continues to give. Together, we can continue to make a difference and achieve our goals. 100% of all profit is invested back into our projects and publications.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

If a student requests a cancellation when there are more than two weeks left until the course commences, a full refund will be applicable.

If a student requests a cancellation when there are two weeks or less left until the course commences, a full refund will be applicable minus a 20% admin charge*.

If a student requests a cancellation after the course commences, and no lessons have been attended, then a full refund will be applicable minus a 50% admin charge.

*The admin charge is a percentage based on the course fee.

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