Inshad Training For Children

Introductory courses for boys aged 7-15 and girls aged 5-10. 10 seats available.


30th Sept 2018
11.00am to 12.30am


Victor St Masjid

The ‘Inshad Training For Children’ course is an educational programme developed specifically for aspiring singers whom wish to learn the science of Inshad.

Inshad is the traditional art of Islamic singing which focuses on leading people to Allah and His Prophet ﷺ through devotional poetry and odes that are performed with pacing, tempo, and tonality.

Perfect for all levels of students, beginners will be acquainted with the basic elements of inshad, whilst intermediate students will be guiding towards pathway to more advance inshad studies in the fields of maqams (melodies), transitions (between odes), and tafrid (solos).

Course material will be provided, which includes the poems (in English and Arabic), note pads, and pens.

During this 10-week course, students will learn five of the most famous Islamic nasheeds; grasping their prose, metering, and English meaning.

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Pricing & Enrolment

10 available seats Secure your place early

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Standard Ten Week Enrolment

Please note, the cost of £25 covers ten classes over ten weeks.

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Location and Venue


Victor Street Masjid, Bradford, BD9 4RB


Where does my course fee go?

We believe that by supporting any noble goal or initiative, our reward first and foremost is with Allah. Moreover, the blessings of supporting one another and working collectively for the Sake of Allah are immeasurable.

Essential Islam is truly grateful for the support each one of you has given and continues to give. Together, we can continue to make a difference and achieve our goals. 100% of all profit is invested back into our projects and publications.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

If a student requests a cancellation when there are more than two weeks left until the course commences, a full refund will be applicable.

If a student requests a cancellation when there are two weeks or less left until the course commences, a full refund will be applicable minus a 20% admin charge*.

If a student requests a cancellation after the course commences, and no lessons have been attended, then a full refund will be applicable minus a 50% admin charge.

*The admin charge is a percentage based on the course fee.

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